Picuris Pueblo

Pueblo of Picuris Community Solar System Phase II

The Pueblo of Picuris Community Solar System Phase II project aligns with GRID Alternatives’ mission to make renewable energy technology and job training accessible with underserved communities. Picuris Pueblo will install a 1MW ground mount single axis tracking array which will provide 2.2 million kWh annually.

The proposed project meets Picuris’ goal expressed in their 2014 strategic energy plan to have “100% renewable energy production on the Pueblo.” Picuris completed Community Solar System Phase I in December 2017 with the development of the first tribally-owned 1MW community-scale solar array. Picuris has been awarded a second DOE grant to complete Solar System Phase II.  The tribe hopes to increase tribal capacity to develop and manage projects that directly address the tribe’s desire to reduce GHG emissions, offset high electric utility costs, fund tribal programs, and provide workforce development for tribal members.