2020 Tribal Solar Scholarship awardees!


Ute Mountain Tribe

“I want to become an Electrical Engineer for Sandia National Labs or work for NSF which would allow me to help Navajo technical.

School: Navajo Technical University – Electrical Engineering

Personal objective: “I want to combine the Energy base system with the engineering degree to actually push the Ute tribe into the green energy system. It seems that they only understand that electric is key, but they seem not to understand new technology.” 


Ramah Navajo

 “My educational and career goals is to continue pursuing towards my Bachelor degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resources.”

School: Navajo Technical University – Environmental Science (Natural Resources)

Personal objectives: “I have always been someone who has cared for the planet, and my community’s environment. If I am able to spread my knowledge to my fellow community members it will allow the community to know what is recommended for the environment, and what is now. We were always told to cherish Mother Earth, and I want to use my educational experiences to do so. It would be an amazing opportunity to help the planet as much as I can. Once I achieve my bachelor degree I plan on working near my community, to help pursue the help for the environment as much as I can. Completing my education will give me the opportunity to find a career in the Native American community, by presenting awareness to what needs to be done for this planet, and our environment. I want to use our elders perspective of protecting the environment with my education. There are businesses that spread this awareness and I will use this to my advantage. It would be a great pleasure to use my voice to represent for our Native community. ”



“My Educational Goals: 1. Learn more about Additive Manufacturing and its processes.  2. Apply my knowledge into an internship. 3. Graduate with my Bachelors in Science.”

School: Navajo Technical University – Industrial Engineering

Personal objectives: “My Career Goals: 1. Take an internship. 2. Gather my knowledge and past experiences and take it to my career. 3. Take what I have learn and bring it back to the reservation.

After a few years in Additive Manufacturing and as an Industrial Engineer, I want to bring all my experience back home and give opportunities to the people who live in an urban areas. Maybe start a manufacturing company providing food or self-sustaining energy, which will then create job opportunities for the people in the area.”



 “My educational and career goals are to become an Electrical Engineer. I want to have a stable yet flexible career, something that will allow me to grow in the company.”

School: Navajo Technical University – Electrical Engineering

Personal objectives: “I like to know that I can stay if I love the environment I am in or if I choose to I can travel with my job, which is something I want. My short-term goals that lead to my long-term goals are to be an excellent student and keep passing my classes with A’s so that I am able to keep my high grade point average or even raise my GPA to have a 4.0, which I am now trying to work toward. All I wanted to do when I selected my career choice was to become a leader, not only the younger generation, but also to anyone seeking this type of employment route. I want to inspire people that no matter where you come from or whatever your situation may, that it’s possible to give yourself a better life; all you have to do is apply yourself. Another thing I want to be able to do is give back; by tutoring other students who are in need of help, because I know how hard it can be to be stuck in your homework assignments or a problem. When I achieve my goal and get my Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degree, I would like to make the Navajo Nation a natural Energy resource environment, so the Navajo and other tribes living on the Navajo Nation will have access to electric and running water in their homes. When I did some research, I found there are more than 18,000 homes on the Navajo Nation that do not have power and water. I would like to make changes on the Navajo Nation and other citizens who need the help. I know with my electrical engineering degree, I would be able to build solar panels that will provide enough energy to have electric, it will be better for the environment as well. Most of the Navajo people live off the grid about 1-2 hours away from the nearest water and power resource; they have to haul water every two days. From the solar panels it will give them enough electric to power the water pump, so they can have clean fresh water to drink, shower etc. This would solve some of the problems for Navajo Nation and with my help; I believe I can do it. I think this is a safer way to get energy on our reservation and safer for our environment. This will benefit many of the Navajo Nation’s people in need.