Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeño Indians

Although Los Coyotes and its Tribal neighbors in Northern San Diego County are situated in close proximity to two of the state’s most powerful economic hubs, all have members who do not have access to the electric grid. Given the exorbitant cost of building electrical infrastructure in tribal communities, it is unlikely that these residences will ever be connected to the grid. Additionally, those who are connected to the grid face the highest electricity rates of any service territory in the state, and are in constant danger of having their power shut off during extreme weather conditions made possible by worsening climate change. For all those reasons and more, Los Coyotes is interested in planning and constructing a micro grid to power central community buildings as well as its campground facilities, which provide a source of revenue for the tribe. Funds are needed to finance land surveys and professional services to identify best practices and successfully integrate them with the needs and wishes of the Tribe.