United Tribes Technical College

UTTC proposes to work in collaboration with its long-time Native owned partner, educator, and solar power service provider, Lightspring Solar(website: lightspring.io), to establish a campus-wide energy assessment for future solar power and other alternative energy source expansion. By using the expertise of Lightspring Solar’s services, a first-ever, campus-wide plan can be generated that clearly address the current energy needs of UTTC’s 100+ buildings and residential housing units. This information can then be analyzed and outlined for future alternative energy development and focus in on priority projects, to ultimately create a long-term 5-10 year plan. As the long-term plan is complete, UTTC will be in a ‘shove ready’ position to apply for additional funding support from groups such as the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund (TSAF), The United States Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. UTTC’s vision is to become a leading institution of alternative energy production and to carry it a step further, by becoming a role-model and educator for other Tribal and non-tribal universities and college in the region.