Oglala Lakota Housing Authority

Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Oglala Lakota Housing Authority (OLHA) will be partnering with GRID Alternatives to install solar for 28 buildings on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

This includes 13 units to be built for veterans under the HUD-VASH program, 12 USDA 515 units that are being totally renovated, the Cohen Home for elderly and disabled tenants that has 22 low-rent units, and 2 OLHA Maintenance buildings. At least 3 Oglala Sioux tribal members will be identified to participate in a paid training program during the installation and receive hands-on experience in the solar industry. The installed solar systems will total 150.495 kW-DC and produce 208,319 kWh of clean energy annually. The systems will save residents and OLHA an average of $19,790 annually on energy costs and throughout their estimated 25 year lifetime. In total the systems will save the Oglala Sioux Tribe $445,268.30 and produce 4,687,035 kWh of clean energy. The project aligns with energy goals of OLHA and the Oglala Sioux Tribe to reduce energy costs for low rent tenants and to reduce carbon footprint in line with Lakota values.