Eklutna Tribal Conservation District

Chugiak, Alaska

This plan will draw upon industry expertise and state-of-the art knowledge of modern energy systems. This energy plan will showcase a working model that will help Eklutna implement the energy opportunities ahead of us. This plan will serve as a model that can scale to neighboring villages and other Tribal Nations.

This sustainable energy plan will support Eklutna to:
-Best utilize energy created from existing Yanmar co-gen systems
-Align power creation from proposed biomass operation to serve as baseload power to support year-round energy working with slated solar farm to provide power for the Native Village of Eklutna community
-Design specifications for a proposed biomass energy system to reduce fire risk from spruce beetle kill in the conservation district
-Potentially create heat and energy
-Explore clean energy generation to power the Eklutna Group Industrial Zone
-Creating clean energy for industrial development on behalf of Eklutna group
-Include workforce development opportunities
-Include food sovereignty opportunities as applicable Carbon credit creation and participation in carbon markets

Implementation of this technology would have incredible impacts for Eklutna, allowing us to achieve sustainability though energy production and use that is inline with our Dena’ina values.