Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma

McLoud, Oklahoma

The Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma (KTO) must develop a comprehensive plan to promote renewable energy infrastructure and reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

The project supports economic growth, enhances energy resilience, and preserves cultural heritage. The initiative will be implemented in three phases, starting with an energy audit and energy assessment to create an energy plan in collaboration with partners, such as the Tribal Energy Consortium. The second phase involves assessing and developing a tribal energy code and evaluating funding opportunities for implementation. The final stage focuses on establishing a robust renewable energy infrastructure that includes solar, wind, and biomass technologies. The plan emphasizes job training and workforce development within the renewable energy sector. Education and community involvement are also critical components of the initiative. Finally, the industry will seek funding opportunities and partnerships with governmental agencies, philanthropic organizations, and other tribes to support its efforts. By implementing this plan, the KTO aims to create a sustainable future, foster economic growth, and safeguard cultural heritage while contributing to national and global efforts toward clean energy.