San Ildefonso Services, LLC

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Pueblo’s objective for this grant is to develop a Community Solar Plan. The San Ildefonso Pueblo Community Solar Plan (CSP) would define steps to implement and deploy solar generation to directly benefit the Pueblo’s Tribal Member Households, Tribal Government and Tribal Enterprises.

The Pueblo’s CSP would build upon a recently completed Department of Interior energy planning grant (Energy & Minerals Development Program Grant, March 2023). If funded, the Pueblo’s CSP would further prepare the Pueblo to fully participate in developing both a utility scale solar project (50-60 MWac) and also multiple smaller community-focused solar projects (sub 5 MWac). This grant funding would enable the Pueblo to explore innovative financing opportunities (i.e. DOE LPO Direct Lending Program & Inflation Reduction Act Tribal provisions) to seek out project transactional participation and possible ownership. The grant funding would also support the Pueblo in community engagement and outreach activities to obtain Tribal Member support for solar energy projects.