Tebughna Foundation

Anchorage, Alaska

To combat the high cost of electricity, Tebughna Foundation and the Native Village of Tyonek are collaborating to configure a utility-scale solar project.

Funding will support the wages of the solar program manager; facilitating community meetings among NVT, TF, and solar contractors; electrical design technical assistance; permitting and commissioning fees. TF will conduct community surveys and public meetings to get feedback from the community on the potential project. TF will collect electrical bills and topological, land use, ownership, etc. TF will facilitate communication and site visits to NVT and provide data to the contractor about residential/commercial electrical use in the village. The project team and contractors will work with Chugach Electrical Association to design and engineer the solar PV array + BESS and the interconnection of the system into the CEA grid and develop electrical engineering design documents with an Alaska Professional Engineers (PE) stamp. Our team and contractors will develop a construction cost estimate for the procurement, construction, commissioning, operations, and maintenance. We will acquire a permit for the solar farm from Alaska Fire Marshals and develop the Power-Purchase Agreement with CEA, to be reviewed by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.