The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Warm Springs, Oregon

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (CTWS) is a federally recognized, self-governing, sovereign Indian Tribe.

CTWS consists of three Indian Tribal groups: the Warm Springs, the Wasco, and the Paiute. The 1855 Treaty between the United States of America and the Tribes of Middle Oregon recognizes the Tribes as sovereign, possessing inherent rights to provide for the general welfare of its people, including the right to manage its natural resources for their benefit. The Tribes’ mission is to pursue economic sovereignty through renewable energy development and utilization and seeks to bolster its hiring and training goals through construction and operations employment opportunities. Additional Tribal revenues will support direct Tribal leadership, a primary goal of capacity building within the Tribal organization. Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprises (WSPWE) is a chartered enterprise established by the CTWS Tribal Council and responsible for overseeing the energy matters and interests of the tribe. WSPWE will 1) gather community input and complete a plan that will support long-term energy planning, potential socio-economic growth for the Tribe and tribal community, climate goals, and grid upgrades for CTWS and 2) evaluate energy resources and energy infrastructure corridors on the Reservation to benefit CTWS.