Ramah Navajo

 “My educational and career goals is to continue pursuing towards my Bachelor degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resources.”

School: Navajo Technical University – Environmental Science (Natural Resources)

Personal objectives: “I have always been someone who has cared for the planet, and my community’s environment. If I am able to spread my knowledge to my fellow community members it will allow the community to know what is recommended for the environment, and what is now. We were always told to cherish Mother Earth, and I want to use my educational experiences to do so. It would be an amazing opportunity to help the planet as much as I can. Once I achieve my bachelor degree I plan on working near my community, to help pursue the help for the environment as much as I can. Completing my education will give me the opportunity to find a career in the Native American community, by presenting awareness to what needs to be done for this planet, and our environment. I want to use our elders perspective of protecting the environment with my education. There are businesses that spread this awareness and I will use this to my advantage. It would be a great pleasure to use my voice to represent for our Native community. ”