Stephanie Bostwick, Ph.D


Fellowship Goal: To develop a smart grid lab at Northwest Indian College that will incorporate renewable energy curriculum into the new AA engineering degree program.

Stephanie Bostwick is a former Aerospace Engineer who has spent the past six years teaching Engineering, Physics and Math at community and technical colleges in Washington State. Three years ago, she successfully started an engineering program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology and she is now working to launch a similar program at Northwest Indian College (NWIC). This new program will include sustainability and renewable energy, with a focus on smart-grid technology. She is also the mentor for NWIC’s Robotics Club, which will compete at the annual First Nations Launch and the AIHEC robotics competition in 2020. 

  • Fellowship Objectives: Engage multiple partners in this work, identify grant funding for Lummi/NWIC, and incorporate learning throughout the process.
  • Fellowship Activities: strengthen partnership with WA State Univ and Spark NW, host STEM summer camps for 9-12 students, collaborate with Lummi Nation to enhance their strategic energy plan 2016-2026.