Pit River Tribe

Burney, California

The Pit River Tribe proposes to continue to build energy sovereignty by facilitating the installation of solar systems on two of its major Tribal facilities located in Burney CA.

The Tribe will work with GRID Alternatives to install net- metered solar energy and backup power supply systems to the Tribe’s Elders Wyachi Village Community Center and Office of Emergency Services (OES)/Environmental Programs Office (EPO) facility. This project builds upon previous work conducted by the Tribe in coordination with GRID Alternatives North Valley to install solar power on 12 single family homes in the Tribe’s Elders Wyachi Village. In addition, the Tribe will work with GRID to hold solar installer training for Tribal staff and hands-on training at both project sites. The proposed project aligns with the Tribe’s alternative and renewable energy net zero goals and objectives by building renewable energy infrastructure on Tribal lands. The infrastructure will support the Tribe’s energy independence and minimizes reliance on the power grid. The project also aligns with the Tribe’s planning efforts to provide local job training and develop Tribal business and anti-displacement programs.