Robinson Rancheria Tribe

Nice, California

This Project address a critical need for the Robinson Rancheria Tribe and strengthens a partnership with Grid Alternatives and proposes to install 38kW of clean, renewable solar power to the families Quail Top Townhomes.

This project will be a ground mount system highlighting Robinson’s commitment to renewable energy. It will generate an estimated 56,874 kWh annually and save the town house residents an estimated $7,936 per year and $202,074 over the warranty period of 25 years. This funding request in combination with Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing funding in California will ensure a high-quality system that will also provide workforce training for members of the community. This partnership will recruit 3-6 trainees that will go through an online Installation Basics Training course and at least 40 hours of hands-on training in installing solar. This project aligns with the mission of the 2008 Robinson Rancheria Strategic Energy Plan for Tribal energy sovereignty; To promote Tribal energy efficiency and create employment opportunities through energy infrastructure development and protecting the health of members. The project is named, Building Capacity through Solar Independence: The Ka’iyu Eag’ax Project. The Ka’iyu Eag’ax Project, translates to ”Up on the Quail in the Eastern Pomo Language”.