TSAF Tribal Energy Innovation Fellowship (TEI)

The Tribal Energy Innovation fellowship will be entering its third year and is offering a $25,000 award designated for federally-recognized tribal members who are entrepreneurs, or a member of a cooperative or social/business enterprise which supports renewable energy infrastructure and capacity building in tribal communities.

The Tribal Energy Innovators Fellowship is designed to develop and strengthen tribal energy sovereignty and resilience in Indian Country by supporting tribal members who are entrepreneurs or a member of a social/business enterprise that advances sustainable renewable energy solutions and capacity building in tribal communities. 

During the year-long, stipend fellowship, fellows learn from GRID staff, from one another, and from industry mentors and professionals on best practices in renewable energy planning, business, workforce development and training, and other areas of technical support. GRID Alternatives and the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund have partnerships across the U.S. to provide a network of professional, educational support and opportunities with industry leaders, and exposure to advanced technologies from around the world. The fellowship culminates with a business presentation to GRID staff, industry professionals and other renewable energy changemakers looking to invest in innovative approaches to the unique energy needs across Indian Country.

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How to Apply:
Applications open from June 1st through July 15th 2022. To apply via email, please download the PDF application here or simply Apply Now online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please email programs@tribalsolar.org