La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians

Pauma Valley, California

The proposed La Jolla TSAF Project 2022 would bring photovoltaic solar and battery storage to La Jolla Tribal members living off-grid who, because of drastic income restrictions and remoteness, would not otherwise have access to these services.

Based on the 2022 California Income Limits designated for our Energy for All program, these households are classified as acutely and extremely low income. This means they make even less than 30% of the Area Median Income in San Diego County. With such limited income, basic needs are sometimes unattainable. One of these basic needs is safety. The remoteness of the homes the La Jolla TSAF Project 2022 wishes to serve makes the lack of safety an obvious daily concern for the households. This current state leaves seemingly insurmountable burdens and unsafe conditions for La Jolla members already struggling with high rates of poverty and unemployment. The La Jolla TSAF Project 2022 aligns with the Tribe’s goals of self-sufficiency and sustainability.